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Why? a five minute friday poem |

After not participating for several years, tonight I had the inclination to jump back into Five Minute Friday. This piece actually took closer to 30 minutes, but I didn’t feel that it was done after five so I kept writing and re-working. Today’s prompt was why.


Why is the sky blue?
Why are the stars bright?
Why isn’t everything black and white?

Why do people hurt?
Make others cry?
Why do good people have to die?

Why are we here –
Just dust and sod?
Why are we made in the image of God?

Why don’t we know
What will happen tomorrow?
Why make a world You knew would bring sorrow?

Why do we struggle
With the idea of grace?
Why is it so hard to accept and embrace?

Why are You quiet
When the world is so loud?
Why don’t you shout over the deafening crowd?


I’m linked up at Five Minute Friday, so why not jump over there and visit some of the other writers who joined in this week?

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9 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Oh wow Rebekah! Great poem. I felt those questions in my heart.
    I love that we have a creator we can communicate with and ask our questions.
    Thankful for His grace.

    Thanks for sharing neighbor. 🙂

  2. Glad you’re back on Five Minute Friday. I think your poem got stronger as it moved on. I particularly liked:
    ‘Why are You quiet
    When the world is so loud?
    Why don’t you shout over the deafening crowd?’
    Thank you.
    Your FMF neighbour #61

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