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The March of Letters

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I love letters, both writing and receiving, and I love fun holidays and “small” challenges. Combine that all together and what do you get? The March of Letters!

So what are the details? Write 31 letters in March. That’s it. One a day, two every other day, 31 on the last day of the month . . . however you schedule it is up to you. Handwritten is certainly lovely, but I’m sure whomever you’re writing to would appreciate a typed letter just as much.

I’ll also be “celebrating” the month with posts relevant to letter writing, a daily writing prompt, and maybe even a couple of giveaways. Be sure to likefollow, subscribe, or bookmark so you don’t miss anything!

Join the fun!

If you’re participating in this challenge, feel free to link-up here. Are your envelopes decorated beautifully? Do you have stories about how you met your pen-pal? Tips for learning gorgeous hand-lettering? Are you hosting a giveaway for stationery? Go ahead and share!

There aren’t really any rules for The March of Letters, but there are a few for this link-up.

  1. Family-friendly. If you’re leaving a link, make sure your blog/instagram/etc. only contains family-friendly posts.
  2. Specific posts. Please link to the specific content related to The March of Letters, rather than to your home page (unless your entire site happens to be related to letter writing).
  3. No promos. We love businesses that promote letter writing, but please don’t link up to your store. Links to a giveaway, blog post, or other related info from a business are great – shopping links, not so much.
  4. Share it! Okay, so this one’s not so much as a rule as a request. The more the merrier, right? So share away and let’s spread the letter-writing love!


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