Project 52: The List

project 52 list of personal challenges and goals

I posted last week about my Project 52 for 2019, with a list of my 15 “challenges.” Not all of them are self-explanatory though, so I’m going to give a quick explanation of each one here, linked (eventually) to its own progress report.

52 Books
I’ve got a list of 26 books I plan to read this year and have left the other half of my list blank, to fill in with new recommendations and old favorites as I read my way through the year.

52 Photos
I’d like to both improve my photography and improve my consistency, so I’m aiming to have a “photo of the week” each week this year. I’m not going to hold myself accountable to any additional lists or projects though.

52 Letters
The world needs more handwritten letters and I intend to do my part by sending out the equivalent of one letter a week. I may include postcards, but not Christmas cards or my count for The March of Letters.

52 French Phrases
We have a French program that I think is brilliant (post to come), but it suggests learning 10-15 new phrases a week, which I found overwhelming and therefore quit. The new plan for 2019 is to work on 1 new sentence or phrase each week. Obviously we won’t be learning as quickly as if we did the 10-15, but it’s definitely better than not learning any!

52 Scriptures
I memorized large passages of the Bible when I was a kid and a teenager, especially the years I participated in Bible Quiz, but didn’t continue committing Scriptures to memorization once I was an adult. That’s something I want to change this year.

52 Days Unplugged
Yes, 52 days this year with no internet or computer use. The phone will be on for emergencies but plugged into the wall and not utilized for texting or Facebook, Instagram, etc. If I want to take photos, I’ll need to use my DSLR.

52 Minutes Outside
Last year I challenged myself to spend time outside every day. I stopped keeping track in the early spring, but did a mental check every week or so and I did pretty well, though didn’t make it out quite every day. (Particularly right around the time our youngest was born. The hospital doesn’t exactly send you on nature walks when you’re 12 hours postpartum.) This year, to keep with my 52’s, I’m going with about an hour outside each week. In the cold months that’s really going to be a tough one for me, but definitely a good goal.

52 Family Walks
These can be as simple as taking a walk to the end of our street and back, or we can head to the beach or the park. The goal is to something outdoors and active as a family.

52 Minutes of Exercise
It’s painful to admit, but I haven’t exercised in years, with the exception of an occasional dance session. I used to dance 5-6 days a week, so not being active anymore is really messing not just with my physical health, but also my mental and emotional well-being. I know 52 minutes a week doesn’t sound like much, but since I’m starting at zero, it’s a good beginning.

52 Child Observations
A funny quote, a new milestone, something they’re deeply interested in . . . I want to be more intentional about slowing down and really observing my children more often.

52 Projects
I have a list of projects I’ll get to “someday,” and I want to make that day this year. The list doesn’t include 52 items at this point, but that gives me room to add on during the rest of the year.

52 New Things
Growth is hard when we do the same things day after day. I want to try one new thing each week, whether it’s taking a new class or something as simple as a new recipe or a food I’ve never eaten.

52 Weekly Scrapbook Layouts
I’m hoping to document more of the “little” and “everyday” parts of our life by doing weekly pages, instead of just scrapping the highlights.

52 Writing Sessions
My writing skills are in desperate need of exercise. The long-term goal is to get back to writing every day, but currently aiming for once a week while I work into the habit.

52 Living Eulogies
I know this sounds a bit odd, but the general idea is to celebrate the living. I’ll have a more detailed explanation coming soon.


So, that’s it. My “15 52’s” for the year. I’ll be adding detailed posts and progress trackers for each area, and will try to post an update weekly. If you have a goals list for the year, I’d love to hear about it and cheer you on.

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