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As we get closer and closer to the end of the year, goals and resolutions become the centerpiece of many conversations and late-night thinkings. I’ve tried a 365 Photo Project, chosen a One Word, made lists and goals and checklists, and some years made no plans at all.¬† I’ve struggled with some challenges being too strict, and others too vague. But the years with a plan, any plan, I can look back and see more accomplished than the years with no plan, no matter how far I fell short of my goal.

Going into 2019 I’m going to try something new: Big goals, broken down into bite-sized, weekly, milestones. For instance, instead of a vague, “I want to memorize more Bible verses,” I’m challenging myself to learning a new verse each week. Instead of a generic “get in shape,” or an overly-ambitious “exercise four days a week,” I’m going with 52 minutes of exercise each week.

I’ve come up with a list of “fifteen fifty-twos” spanning different aspects of my life, from family, to personal growth, to hobbies. Since each item is a one-a-week or 52-minutes-per-week item, it doesn’t feel overwhelming. And although there are fifteen challenges, most of them are not incredibly time-intensive and my goal is that they replace mindless social media scrolling with focus and intention.

Wondering what 15 weekly goals can look like? Well, here’s my list. I’ll check back in each week with an update on my week, mostly to keep myself accountable, but also for any encouragement or entertainment it may provide y’all! A breakdown of each item on the list is coming in a separate post so if you’re curious about any of them, be sure to keep a watch out for that.

Project 52: 2019

  • 52 books
  • 52 photos
  • 52 letters
  • 52 French phrases
  • 52 Scriptures
  • 52 days unplugged
  • 52 minutes outside
  • 52 family walks
  • 52 minutes exercise
  • 52 child observations
  • 52 projects
  • 52 new things
  • 52 weekly scrapbook layouts
  • 52 writing sessions
  • 52 living eulogies

Do you have personal goals for the new year? I’d love to hear how you tackle this topic!

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