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H – Helen Ahpornsiri {GIVEAWAY}

Helen Ahpornsiri - review and giveaway of Drawn from Nature |

H is for Helen

Helen Ahpornsiri recently had her first book published and it’s absolutely gorgeous! Even my husband, who is neither a book nor an “art” person, pored over it in awe. Each illustration in this book is created from pressed plants . . . ferns, leaves, flower petals, seaweed, and more. Here’s a bit of info from Helen Ahpornsiri’s website:

After 1-6 weeks of pressing, the flora and foliage is flat and ready to use – preserved in their natural colours, with no paints or dyes. Each piece is then cut and delicately positioned to form detailed illustrations; all brimming with the intricate twists and tangles of plant life.

This lovely book works through the seasons, giving readers bits of information on plant and animal life from nest building to forest fungi to deer rutting. The text is informative without being dry and, although 6-9 years is the suggested age range, it’s a book that readers of all ages will love. I already have a copy in my shopping cart for my grandma!

book review and giveaway Drawn from Nature by Helen Ahpornsiri pressed plant children's book

I can hardly wait to see what Helen publishes next. A children’s poetry book would be amazing!

book review and giveaway Drawn from Nature by Helen Ahpornsiri pressed plant art book

I’ll be giving away a copy of Drawn from Nature, plus Helen Ahpornsiri has sent along some goodies from her Etsy shop for me to send the winner, including a limited edition, signed art print! A second winner will receive a greeting card featuring one of Helen’s pressed seaweed seahorses, plus a couple of her round stickers. Enter via the Rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you can’t wait for the contest to end, you can order a copy of Drawn from Nature here.

And you’re not already, be sure to follow along with the rest of my alphabetical journey of Children’s Authors and Illustrators You Don’t Know, But Should.

review and giveaway Drawn by Nature children's nature book by Helen Ahpornsiri

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  1. These are really gorgeous! This is one of those art forms that’s accessible to everyone for dabbling, but where true artists notably stand out.

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