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Overcoming the Fear of a Blank Card – Getting Started Letter Writing

3 Simple Tips for Getting Started Writing Letteres

When you haven’t sent a handwritten letter in a long time, the first one can often feel daunting. These three tips for getting started writing letters can help you overcome the hurdle of a blank piece of stationery and set you on your way to becoming a snail mail queen (or king)!

Type it first. If you’re accustomed to sending Facebook messages or e-mails, go ahead and do that but instead of hitting Send, hit Print. You can mail as-is, or copy your letter so it’s handwritten. Whichever method you choose, getting it written and sent will help knock down that initial barrier and give you confidence to move forward.

Keep it short. Instead of a large, blank piece of stationery, use a card for your first note or two. Utilize ones with greetings inside, so you only have to add a few lines of your own, use flat note cards, or even send postcards (bonus – they don’t take as much postage). It’s less overwhelming to fill a smaller space, which means you’re more likely to actually get something written and sent!

Write someone close. Begin with a letter to someone you feel truly comfortable with. You can even write to them about how nervous you are to write a handwritten letter. Tell them they’re your “test” subject – they’ll feel good about being chosen as your confidante and you’ll get the practice you need, while getting one letter closer to your goal.

If you’re stuck for subject matter, make sure you’re following me on Instagram where I’ll be sharing daily letter writing prompts for the entire month of March.

Overcoming Fear of a Blank Card - 3 Simple Tips for Getting Started Letter Writing | www.mossandink.com


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