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A – Alvin Tresselt {Children’s Authors You Should Know}

Alvin Tresselt - Children's Authors You Should Know |

A is for Alvin

Alvin Tresselt authored more than 30 children’s books throughout his lifetime, though most are now out of print. His first book, published in 1946, introduces young children to an element of the natural world, just like many of his later books. Other of his works, such as Wake Up, City! and White Snow, Bright Snow offer a glimpse into life in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.

Considered a pioneer of “mood-writing” for children, Alvin Tresselt’s lyrical, lilting prose set him apart from other authors of his day. Although only a couple of his titles are currently in print, you can still get your hands on a few others through used-book sellers and libraries. My personal favorites, of the books I’ve been been able to read so far, are The Gift of the Tree (a reprint of his original The Dead Tree), Rain Drop Splash, and Hide and Seek Fog. I particularly love the marriage between words and the soft illustrations in the last title.

In the video below, Bill Packard does a beautiful recitation of Rain Drop Splash, Alvin Tresselt’s first book (which received a Caldecott Honor). Just look past the mad scientist costume. 🙂

If you want to do any further research on Alvin Tresselt, I recommend starting with this article. And be sure to follow along with the rest of my alphabetical journey of Children’s Authors and Illustrators You Don’t Know, But Should.

Alvin Tresselt

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