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Outside Every Day 2018 challenge #mossandinkOED2018 | www.mossandink.com

When I was kid I spent all day outside, every day. My parents could barely get me to come in for meals and my mom says she used to cry that I’d never want to read or do anything else that required being indoors. Those fears didn’t last long, as I became a voracious reader around the age of seven, which led to a need to write; fell in love with baking; and eventually discovered photography, blogging, and digital scrapbooking, all of which require being on a computer. As much as I love nature, I find that lately I have to push myself to spend time out in it. It’s especially hard to be outside in the cold, winter months, which is precisely when I should be making more of an effort to soak in some vitamin D.

My children don’t have this problem. They’re the same as I was when I was younger – loathe to be called inside and away from whatever wild, imaginative game in which they’re engrossed. (And I try not to pull them away from their play unless absolutely necessary. I want to both recapture a little of that for myself and be an example of spending time outside even as they grow older.

I’m challenging myself in 2018 to get outside every day. Some days will only be for 10-15 minutes (because I’m soft and our southern winters still make me want to cry and huddle under the blankets with a cup of hot chocolate). Other days I’m sure I’ll spend hours outside as we picnic at a nearby park, spend evenings at the beach, and wander through the local nature preserves. The point isn’t to count minutes, but to spend some time in nature each day, soaking in the sunshine, grounding when possible, and simply slowing down and appreciating the simple complexity of creation.

Join the Challenge!

Outside Every Day 2018 nature challenge #mossandinkOED2018 ideas for spending time outside | www.mossandink.com

Would you like to join me in this adventure to get outside every day? I’ve set up a Facebook group so we can encourage one another and share ideas for activities outside – please come connect! You can use #mossandinkOED2018 on social media to keep up with my family’s adventures and share your own, whether you’re doing this solo, with a friend, or with your kids.



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